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I've been interested in hearing what others think, and take some comfort in a similarity of opinions!

What does make taking surveys online awesome?

Taking surveys online offers you the greatest flexibility upon responding. It allows you to participate, at any time during the day or at night in your pajamas if you wish so, and from any location around the world.

They are many ways to take surveys online. You can either respond to short questionnaires or choose to participate in a discussion forum.

Discussion forums raise a lot of enthusiasm from participants, as you can share views with people from various backgrounds and cultures.

At Consumer Worldwide, as its name indicates, participants come from all over the world to take surveys online.

We give you an opportunity to take surveys online on a worldwide scale to reach businesses and marketers around the world.

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Online Paid Surveys

But if we value your opinion, we also know your time is valuable. Hence, we always reward you for the time you spend taking surveys online.

Rewards vary in nature depending on the type of online survey you are taking. If you are responding to a short questionnaire, you can be rewarded a gift (samples, etc.) or a gift certificate depending on the length of the questionnaire.

If take surveys online through enrolling in a bulletin board focus group, you can earn up to $100.

At Consumer Worldwide, membership is completely free of charge, and you are always rewarded. We are not like other companies that only enter you into sweepstakes. We give you immediate reward for each online survey completed.


Consumer Worldwide is a community of individuals who get paid for participating in cross-cultural surveys online.