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Make Money Taking Surveys

Unlike most companies who only enter you into sweepstakes, which you'll probably never win, or grant you some kind of points to collect and redeem, to eventually make some pocket money, we give you immediate rewards for your time.

As we don't use any screener in our surveys, anybody has the opportunity to participate and get rewarded for their time, whether it's a gift, a gift certificate or a bit of cash. Rewards depend on the length of the survey and usually range between $5-$100 per survey.

The types of incentives vary per survey, and are ALWAYS specified in the invite email linking to the survey.

If you answer a short questionnaire, you may either win a gift, a gift certificate or a little bit of cash. Short questionnaires usually take 5-15 minutes to complete.

If you participate in an online qualitative forum, e.g. if you choose to enroll in a bulletin board focus group, rewards can go as high as $100 per survey. Learn more about Bulletin Board Focus Group.

Currently, the currency we are using to reward your participation is the US Dollar. We may use other currencies in the future. Cash awards are solely paid by o'nline transfers via Paypal, whereas gift and gift certificates are sent by mail within 4-6 weeks after the survey closes.

Gift and gift certificates vary with the nature of the survey. In the past, members have won movie tickets, iPods, music downloads, travel vouchers, dinnerware, etc.


Consumer Worldwide is a community of individuals who get paid for participating in cross-cultural surveys online.