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Participe in Focus Groups

Our members say
I've been interested in hearing what others think, and take some comfort in a similarity of opinions!

Have you ever wanted to participate in focus groups?

Focus groups are in-depth group interviews moderated by one or more trained interviewer. Traditionally, they gather a group of 8-10 people in a meeting facility to discuss a product, an ad, a service or any topic that might be addressed in a marketing survey. They usually last 1:30-2 hours and require you attend in person.

Why should you participate in focus groups?

At Consumer Worldwide, we donít conduct traditional focus groups, as they involve too many constraints. We only ask you to participate in online focus groups.

Online focus groups can be done under the chat format or under the forum format (which we call online qualitative forums). We mostly use the forum format, as itís more flexible than any other way to conduct interviews.

Why is participating in focus groups more flexible?

Online qualitative forums are asynchronous, which means you can participate in the forum at any time that is convenient for you. Also, they donít have any geographical constraints. You can participate from any location around the world, provided you have an Internet access.

Why is participating in focus groups fun and enriching?

Like any other online discussion groups, participating in focus groups offer you the opportunity to share views with other respondents within the forum. Since we are operating on a global scale, you share views with members from various backgrounds and cultures.

Participating in focus groups is a fun and enriching experience to share perspectives with people with various lifestyles and cultures.

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