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Surveys for Rewards

At Consumer Worldwide, there are several ways you can get rewarded for your feedbacks. For each paid survey you have completed, you can either receive a gift, a gift certificate or a little bit of cash.

The types of incentives vary with the nature of the paid survey you are responding to. If you are answering a short online survey (5-10 min questionnaire), you are generally awarded a gift related to the topic of the paid survey.

For example, if you are taking a paid survey on cinema, you can be offered movie tickets as a “thank you”.

In the past, we have offered a wide range of gifts including DVD-player, DVD-recorder, iPods, itunes downloads, etc.

Cash for Surveys

If you choose to participate in a longer paid survey, like a forum or a bulletin board focus group, you can be compensated with cash awards. Depending on the duration of the forum, and on your participation efforts, you can be rewarded $30-100.

At Consumer Worldwide, membership is completely free of charge, and you are always paid for surveys completed. We are not like other companies that only enter you into sweepstakes. We give you immediate reward for your time.


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