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Opinion Surveys

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I've been interested in hearing what others think, and take some comfort in a similarity of opinions!

Get rewarded for your opinion

At Consumer Worldwide, we value your opinion.

Our opinion surveys are always compensated: each time you participate in a forum or a bulletin board focus group, you are rewarded. Incentives range between $5-$100 depending on the opinion survey topic, its length, and your participation efforts.

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Give your opinion about various topics

With opinion surveys, you can give your opinion on a wide range of topics including cinema, magazines, food choices and preferences, clothing, lifestyle, etc.

Thanks to opinion surveys, you can help businesses improve the products and services you are using every day.

We have hundreds of fun opinion surveys to take and share with people around the world.

Ad Testing

Do you follow your favorite brands’ messages?

You can also test commercials in our opinion surveys.

If you like to follow what your favorite brands news, or would like to get a hint at their future campaigns – even in some cases participate in the execution – participate in our opinion surveys and stay tuned with your favorite brands.

Besides product testing, Consumer Worldwide sometimes conducts opinion surveys to test executions, whether in print ads, billboards, on TV, or online.

What is the benefit for taking opinion surveys?

Besides following your favorite brands, you get a chance to help drop the most boring ads and plebiscite the funniest ones, or help design the best ads in the world.

Since you are surrounded by marketing messages, you may as well be part of the process, and help marketers develop the best campaigns.

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On top of that, we always offer you a compensation for your time, and every time you complete an opinion survey, you get rewarded, either with a gift certificate or with a little bit of cash.


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