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I've been interested in hearing what others think, and take some comfort in a similarity of opinions!

A survey, sometimes called a poll, is a study of what people think or believe about a topic or question. Online surveys and polls are usually done by questionnaire, but can take various forms, such as forums, or bulletin boards.

Why take online surveys and polls?

Online Surveys and Polls Are Fun!

Voting online is a fun and entertaining experience.

Through responding to online surveys and polls, not only do you have the opportunity to express your views thoroughly, but you will also be able to see what others like you think and experience.

Since Consumer Worldwide is a global panel, while taking our online surveys and polls, you can discuss with people from all over the world, about products, services, fashion, habits, lifestyles, etc.

Online Surveys and Polls Are Compensated!

Express your opinion and get paid for participating in our online surveys and polls. Short polls are usually rewarded with a gift or a gift certificate, while longer surveys, e.g. online qualitative forums are usually compensated with a cash award, ranging between $30-100.

Make some extra money by taking online surveys and polls!

Once you have registered with Consumer Worldwide, we will start sending you invite emails to take quick online surveys and polls. Most surveys usually take between 5-15 minutes to respond to. Taking online surveys and polls that you can do on your spare time, without even thinking about it, while you’re surfing the Internet.

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