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I've been interested in hearing what others think, and take some comfort in a similarity of opinions!

At Consumer Worldwide, we only conduct research projects online.

We found that the Internet was the most convenient tool to gather our memberís opinion throughout the planet.

We mainly conduct two types of online surveys: short questionnaires (5-15 min long) where you are asked to answer a couple of questions about a specific topic, and discussion forums (a.k.a. online qualitative forums).

Online forums are also called bulletin board focus groups. They are similar to a message board where participants hold a discussion online and communicate with each other through discussion threads.

People participating in an online forum may cultivate social bonds and interest groups may form from the discussions.

Since we allow members from various countries to participate in the same board, it can be quite an enriching experience to be part of an online forum.

Online Forums Topics

We have an extensive range of online forums topics ranging from food preferences to mobile devices, financial products to travel, cosmetics to clothing, music to cinema, etc.

We also hold an ongoing online forum about food innovation. To participate in our food innovation forum (which is part of Innovation Lab), apply here.

Get paid for your opinion

At Consumer Worldwide, we value your perspective. Hence, we reward you for sharing your views with us. Online forums are usually greatly compensated.

Rewards range between $30-$100 depending on the duration of the online forum and your participation efforts.

Rewards are paid the week that follows the end of the online forum, via Paypal.

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