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How It Works

Our members say
I've been interested in hearing what others think, and take some comfort in a similarity of opinions!

1. Register

You must be a registered member to take part in a survey. If you wish to participate in our surveys, please, register here.

2. Receive Invite E-mails

Once you are registered with Consumer Worldwide, you will start receiving invite emails to participate in our surveys. Our emails will always include the theme/topic of the survey, the survey type and length, the reward associated with the survey and the link to click through to access the survey.

You are completely free to take part in a survey or not. Your participation rate doesn't affect your membership in any way. Even participating once a year makes you a valuable member to us.

3. Complete The Survey

If you're answering a short survey, once you've clicked the link to access the survey, you will be able to see the entire questionnaire. That allows you to estimate the time for the completion. Since we don't use any screener, anyone can complete a short survey.

If you are taking part in an online forum, you will first be selected by a short questionnaire received by email, then scheduled on a short phone call to check your motivation and availability, and finally you will be invited to log onto a secure platform online to access the bulletin board and the moderator's questions, post bulletins and see others' responses.

4. Get Rewarded

As a member of Consumer Worldwide panel, you are ALWAYS rewarded for your time.

Once you've completed a survey, for rewards that are mailed to you (like gifts and gift certificates), you will receive your reward within 4-6 weeks.

For rewards that are operated via Paypal, you will receive your money transfer within the next 2-3 business days after the survey closes, one week at the most.


Consumer Worldwide is a community of individuals who get paid for participating in cross-cultural surveys online.