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Consumer Surveys

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I've been interested in hearing what others think, and take some comfort in a similarity of opinions!

What are consumer surveys?

Consumer surveys are used in marketing to understand peopleís behavior, expectations, usages and attitudes, and preferences towards a product, a service, and a commercial, or peopleís opinion on any topic in general.

Consumer surveys help marketers and the company management make an informed decision on how to market their products or services to the public.

Businesses around the world commission Consumer Worldwide to conduct consumer surveys for them and help them test their products, get some feedbacks about commercials, or for branding, naming, and concept testing.

By taking our consumer surveys and giving your opinion, you help businesses build better products and services and you have a say on the products and services you are using every day.

Online Consumer Surveys

At Consumer Worldwide, we only conduct consumer surveys online, not only because itís more convenient and quicker, but also because we operate on a global scale.

We experienced that Internet was the most flexible and commonly used tool for consumer surveys to gather consumer feedbacks and opinions around the world.

As we improved our online interviewing techniques, we have realized that we could enrich our memberís experience taking consumer surveys by:

  • - Answering smart, well-designed, and interactive questionnaires: our consumer surveys are not mind-less check the box questionnaires; they are designed to immerse you in your every day experience, so that you actually learn something about yourself upon taking the survey.
  • - Having our members interact and share their views in our consumer surveys. We know that each consumer perspective is unique. There are many perspectives worldwide. Sharing and interacting with others is an enriching experience.

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