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Our members say
I've been interested in hearing what others think, and take some comfort in a similarity of opinions!

How do I become a panelist?

To be invited to participate in Consumer Worldwide confidential market research studies, you need to be one of our consumer panel member.

To become a consumer panel member, all you have to do is complete the registration questionnaire. Itís quick, free, and youíll get the opportunity to share views with other consumers around the world.

In most cases, panelists of our consumer panel receive money to participate in our studies. Sometimes, they receive gift certificates, or gifts, usually related to the topic of the study.

What are online consumer panels?

Online consumer panels are communities of registered consumers who gave their consent to participate in online studies.

Part of our mission is to conduct market research to help companies evaluate their marketing efforts, and improve current and new products or services. We do our jobs thanks to members of our consumer panel.

How do we conduct market research though our consumer panel?

  • We talk directly to consumers to get their input
  • We collect opinions and compensate those who participate in this effort
  • We do not sell anything
  • We do not sell the names or information in our database to anyone (your information is kept completely confidential) Click here to review our Privacy Policy.

What happens once I have become a panelist?

Once you are part of our consumer panel Ė you will receive a confirmation email (we donít reject anybody willing to contribute), you will start receiving emails inviting you to respond to surveys or participate in qualitative forums. The emails outline the time the survey will take, the topic and how you'll be rewarded for your time and brainpower.

As a member of our consumer panel, you can either accept or decline the invitation. Our feelings are never hurt if you say no. If you accept, just complete the survey, and get your reward!


Consumer Worldwide is a community of individuals who get paid for participating in cross-cultural surveys online.